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    10 x yes for your life
    Ideas should flow freely.

    Ideas should bring people together.

    Ideas should be shared and exchanged.
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    10 illusions consortium
    10 illusions is a global cooperation project. Operating in Shanghai, Tokyo, Warsaw and New York, 10 illusions is bringing together the best of international collaboration and worldwide participation while offering tasty mix of European, Asian and American design cultures.
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    Our passions your infinite possibilties
    10 illusions is all about Your Life. We know how important are you. We know how important are your business partners. We know that you want best for your family too! That’s why we focus on bringing the best possible experience for your business opportunities, your private life – or mix of them, if that is your style. Let us take care of your environment, whenever you are busy signing new contracts in front of your top floor office desk or playing ball with your dog in a cool shadow of your private garden.
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    10illusions at the edge of imagination
    10 illusions, together with its strong partnership with MAG Architects and Alfa Projekt MW, formed 10 consortium. Our business operational model is built on the worldwide cooperation structure, with creative force spread across the globe. By doing so, we can offer our clients and investors a huge diversity of sparkling, fresh and inspiring ideas.
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    Meet the team
    From the very beginning, 10 illusions is about team spirit. 10 illusions and 10 consortium consist of a number of architects, designers, engineers and artists. We are taking care that each project workgroup is build-up through careful selection of people best suited for the job. Working internationally we are always able to create a project workgroup with appropriate number of highly experienced and beautifully talented designers, regardless of the task or project scale.
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    10illusions at the source of inspiration
    10” logo is a clear reflection of 10 illusions message – a better world through research. “10” logo represents harmonious combination of our two focus areas; design & research. Adopted shape strongly refers to the biological forms that so often inspire designers, whether they work on small scale industrial designs or large, architectural objects.
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    10illusions global collaboration
    10 consortium is operating in:
    • Europe, together with our long-term partners
    • USA, with young and energetic architects
    • Asia, where excitement meets tradition.
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    Our ethos
    To us, design is more than just creating beautiful visualizations. It is understanding the client's needs, aesthetics and the atmosphere with which he identifies himself, sharing knowledge and experiences. It is a real passion for creating unique and individual concepts but embedded in a realistic framework enabling their further implementation.
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    We are a small team of architects, engineers and designers. We believe that you should work with the people who are actually doing the job, so you can expect to see the same faces from pitch to implementation. We value our relationships, internally and externally, and have worked together with majority of our clients over a period of years.
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    Knowledge and experience
    We share our competences in guiding you through a complicated administrative process. We provide knowledge about the latest technologies as well as ecology and sustainable development. Creativity can be flexible, budgets sometimes not. We are realistic about what it takes to deliver the best results and we are upfront about the costs and options available.
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    We specialize in designing single and multi-family residential buildings. The modernization of historic buildings, including those under conservation protection, is our strength. We have experience in the field of private and public interior design. We are proud on the number of completed facilities.
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    Our activity extends through all phases related to the investment process. Taking care of the quality of the projects we carry out, we recommend our services ranging from consultancy, organization of the construction process to construction projects, multi-sector executive projects and supervisions. We participate in the process of obtaining the required permits. We are available throughout the entire investment cycle.
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    Find out more
    If you like the sound of us and think we could work well together or if you’d like to know more about what we do and want to discuss a specific project, please get in touch. We remain at your disposal. You can call us on : +48 784-150-105 or send us an email outlining your requirements to Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.